Captain Kelly Lynn has a lifetime of service to his country and community.

Growing up

Captain Lynn was born in Poteau, OK.  He’s worked hard all his life, getting his first job at 14, working his way up from busboy through every position in restaurants, to include management.

U.S. Army officer, front-line combat

After working for some time in the Television and Radio industry, Captain Lynn joined the Army National Guard in 2007.  After spending 3 years as an enlisted soldier, he was recruited to Officer Candidate School. He graduated from the Alabama Military Academy with his commission in 2010 and became a Field Artillery Officer. For many years, Captain Lynn served as the Oklahoma National Guard Officer Candidate School Senior Instructor, the State’s premier military leadership school.  

In 2017, Captain Lynn was deployed to a front-line combat unit in Afghanistan. He received many commendations, including a Meritorious Service Medal for his leadership capturing Taliban terrorists. He is a current member of the Oklahoma National Guard.

“Local government” experience

In Afghanistan, Captain Lynn led his team known as the Base Support Group. The team was responsible for overseeing billions of dollars worth of contracts that included life support such as electricity, water, sewage, security, and food.  Captain Lynn’s duties also included supervising a contract labor force of 400 personnel, maintaining 178 facilities, over 830,000 square feet of roads and grounds, and over 2,600 pieces of equipment. Captain Lynn was also directly responsible for over one million ($1,000,000) in direct payroll.


While balancing his military service with family life, Captain Lynn was also able to complete his formal education.  In 2009, Captain Lynn graduated from John Brown University with a degree in Organizational Management.  He then attended Oklahoma City University Law School, graduating in 2013.  Captain Lynn now has a general legal practice here in Norman.

 Husband and father

Captain Lynn and his wife, Molly, live in west Norman.  They have three daughters – Sara 24, Kali 18, Presley 9 – and one son – Nolan 4.  Captain Lynn and Molly joke that they spend so much time driving their kids and their friends to sports activities they should open a taxi service!

Active in his church

Captain Lynn and his family attend LifeSpring Church in Norman.  He’s led missions to Mexico, working with children and raising money for projects like a $15,000 roof for a local church.

Heart for veterans

Captain Lynn’s brother was also a combat veteran with multiple deployments.  Unfortunately, in 2016, he committed suicide.  Determined to help other veterans facing mental health struggles of PTSD, Captain Lynn founded a nonprofit. It not only offers free mental health counseling, it also pays for adventurous group trips, recognizing that many struggling veterans miss the sense of camaraderie, adventure and purpose they had in military life. To learn more watch: