Why I’m running

Like many of us, I’ve always paid close attention to state and national politics.  Ask me about the President’s newest initiative or the latest big fight in Congress, and I’d give you an opinion.

Then I saw the total mess in our city government, and I felt really ashamed. 

I just hadn’t paid attention to local government.  I wasn’t the only one, and now we’ve got the results to show for it.

Norman city government has been taken over by a radical clique.  They’re totally out of touch with the average citizen.

I’m running to bring common sense back to the Norman City Council.

Too many people in our city, whether through fear or being uninformed, have remained too quiet for too long. 

But many of them are now letting their voice be heard, and they need a voice on the city council.

I want to be that voice – a powerful voice for you – the everyday citizen – the moms and dads, the business owners, the schoolteachers and healthcare workers, here in Norman. 

If you want a city council member who will

  — stand up for common sense,

  — work with, not against, local businesses, and 

  — support our police, not defund them 

then I’m your man.

You may have never voted in a city election before, but please vote in this one.  The future of our community is at stake.

On February 9, 2021 – please vote for me – Captain Kelly Lynn.